Formalization of our values and good commercial practices.

Professional massage therapist in Brussels and Belgium

I promise that you will be welcomed and served with the greatest respect and good humor.

  • Your modesty is respected at all times. I leave the room while undressing and dressing so that you are in the greatest privacy.

  • For women, the chest and lower private parts should be covered with underwear.

  • For men the private parts of the bottom must be covered by an underwear.

  • A towel is also available to you during the session to cover these areas..

  • The room is ventilated with an air purifier before, after each session, so that you enjoy clean air throughout the session.

  • The room is heated to an average of 27°C to ensure your comfort. When using oil, you are provided with a towel so you can dry off before getting dressed.

  • High-end tea from the Pagès brand, detoxifying Indian tea, or a bottle of Spa water will be served to you during each service.

Code of ethics
  • I practice my profession with respect for the dignity of the person and I respect strict confidentiality.

  • I respect my client's right to modesty, by complying with the standards of decency both in practice and during the undressing and dressing of the client and by not requiring nudity in any way.

  • I do not use any practice and / or technique that would go beyond the framework of relaxation and well-being, that is to say, medical, paramedical, physiotherapeutic practices.

  • I respect the rules of hygiene: personal, clothing and all the equipment used.

  • I do not use any practice and / or technique beyond my skills, abilities and the means at my disposal.

  • I do not provide care to people claiming to be sick, injured or undergoing medical treatment without the consent of their attending physician, referent, specialist or any other duly qualified health professional.

  • I never make a diagnosis on the beneficiary's state of health and in no way criticize the diagnosis of health professionals; when necessary, I direct the client to one of these.

  • I have a perfect knowledge of the products used, their modes and conditions of use during the practice of the care, therefore the products that I use are of superior quality, 100% natural and organic, Vegan and made in France .

  • I undertake not to practice my art in a state, in a dress code, in circumstances or in places likely to compromise the quality, the safety and the dignity of the profession.

  • I am honest in any representation, advertising or other approach regarding my profession and its field of application as well as my field of competence.

  • I undertake to set my prices with tact and moderation, fairly, both for the client and for the practitioner.

  • I practice my profession respecting beliefs, political, religious or philosophical and excluding any form of proselytism.

Top quality products

We use a "Premium" quality massage oil, 100% pure and natural, our massage oil is intended for relaxing use, relieving stress and promoting good sleep.

Softens the skin of the face and body and protects it from drying out by giving it a velvety feel. Emollient, it nourishes the skin. Softening and strengthening, it activates the repair of the skin. Soothing, it calms itching and irritation. It helps fight against stretch marks.

  • 100% natural and organic.

  • Free of any chemicals.

  • Does not contain any product of animal origin.

  • Vegan product and not tested on animals.

  • Slow cold pressing for better quality oil.

  • GMO free.

  • 100% Made in France.

premium quality


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